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      Or can any one say, in these lives of a thousand concealments and restraints, when things are happening and when not, within us or without, or how near we are now to the unexpected--to fate? See, Flora and Hilary. He gave no outward show that he was burning to flee the spot and swing his fists and howl and tear the ground."I bequeath her to you."

      Whywhy have you come? Had he come to upbraid her, as he had done the night they parted? She looked at him with her brows drawn together."Too late!" moaned Flora to the detective, Madame to Constance and Miranda, and the battery lads to their girls, from whose hands they began to wring wild good-byes as a peal of fifes and drums heralded the oncome of the departing regiment.

      Norman hesitated and looked from her to Trafford and Lady Ada; then he went to the piano as he would have gone to the scaffold if Esmeralda had bidden him, and he sat down and played and sung one of the songs he sung in MacGraths saloon that night Esmeralda had listened outside; and Esmeralda, her face flushed, her eyes sparkling, stood beside himbent over him, indeedand beat time with her hand.You go to Selvaine to-morrow, she said, and ask for Lilias, like a man, and tell him I sent you.

      Why did you leave her unprotected? asked Norman.Got what? she asked.

      So I see, he remarked, dryly. Where is he?

      The sister's mirth vanishes: "Why, Nan! what is the matter?"


      No one who knows Trafford could help loving him, said Lilias, her soft gray eyes glowing. He is everything that is noble and good. There is no one so unselfish. We all worship him. You think me extravagant? she added, with a blush. But I am always so when I think or speak of Trafford, for he has been my beau ideal since I can remember. Even as a boy he was brave, and manly, and self-sacrificing; he was always ready to give up anything, however dearly he prized it. All our people regard him as a kind of hero and king. She laughed a little. It is scarcely too much to say that any one of them would die for him.So said to itself the diary on the afternoon of the next day, and there hurriedly left off. Not because of a dull rumble reaching the writer's ear from the Lake, where Kincaid and his lieutenants were testing new-siege-guns, for that was what she was at this desk and window to hear; but because of the L.S.C.A., about to meet in the drawing-room below and be met by a friend of the family, a famed pulpit orator and greater potentate, in many eyes, than even the Catholic archbishop.


      Throughout that land of water and sky the willow clumps dotting the bosom of every sea-marsh and fringing every rush-rimmed lake were yellow and green in the full flush of a new year, the war year, 'Sixty-one.


      "Oh, hell," he mumbled. "Captain Kincaid, eh--" He led that officer alone to a window and spoke low: "About my girl, Hilary,--and me. I'd like to decide that matter before you show your heels. You, eh,--default, I suppose?"