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      "The people of Rye now they all seem to say

      "Oh, don't leave us!don't leave us!" said Byles, in an agony. "Oh, save me! save me!" sobbed Mary."Read me some of it."

      The Quarter Sessions were held early in December, and Robert's case came wedged between the too hopeful finances of a journeyman butcher and the woes of a farmer from Guldeford who had tried to drown himself and his little boy off the Midrips. Robert was sentenced to three years' imprisonment.

      She kissed and admired the infant, inquired of Margaret's health, bade her hope for better days, and then proceeded to talk of affairs at the castle;how the baroness still continued to weep and lament; and how De Boteler, ever since he had returned from London, had been almost distractedone minute crying and raving that there was some traitor at the castle who had connived at the abduction of his child, and that he would discover him and hang him up without form of trial,and the next offering large rewards and free pardon to any one who could give the slightest information, even though they should have aided in the theft;and once he even went so far as to promise pardon to the actual offender. As, of course, this strange occurrence had been a prolific source of speculation to the gossips, Lucy proceeded to detail a number of stories she had heard on the subject.

      "Which division of the kerns do you command?"

      He felt encouraged, for he had wanted her to see the difference between him and an ordinary shepherd, but had been too awkward to show her.




      Perfectly. Perhaps you would leave a line on the table to say how your brother is. I dont suppose I shall see you to-night.