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      He finished his supper and went out of the kitchen. Harry and his mother sat for a moment or two in silence.

      "You d?an't mind me talking to you of her?"

      It was strange to hear a man calling out the names of places in his fever as other men might call the names of people."By the green wax!" said Black Jack, approaching at this instant, "as I stood yonder, reconnoitring the ground, a man shewed his head behind that ruined wall!"

      Besides, Reuben had now a respectable herd of cattlenot quite so numerous or valuable as the earlier lot which had been sacrificed, but none the less respectable, and bringing him in good returns. He had made some sound profit out of his service-bull, and his sheep were paying better than they had paid for years. He no longer "kept" other people's cattle. Odiam, whether in stock or cash, was now inviolate.

      O why, because brothers and friends all have left me,




      He expressed himself so eloquently in this fashion that the member for the Rye division of Sussexthe borough had been disenfranchised in '85asked him to speak at a recruiting meeting at the Court Hall. Unluckily Reuben's views on recruiting were peculiar."And don't you care about the farm?"