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      How handsome he is! whispered the women, and how noble looking! Any one could tell he was a Belfayre by his likeness to his father; he will make a splendid duke!"One, sir;here it is. I think master said he had them from Doctor Remy."

      In the avenue, he met Doctor Gerrish, who, having lost all patience at Bergan's unaccountable tardiness, had finally started for home. He instantly turned back with Doctor Remy, and waited silently, with an air of deep gravity, while the latter made a brief examination of the corpse. At first sight of it, he gave a little start; and when he had finished his inspection, he stood silent and thoughtful. He had sneeringly committed a certain powder, he remembered, to the disposal of "Providence;" it struck him as a little odd that it should have been kept so long, and finally used only to put a merciful end to intense bodily and mental torture. Was there really a Power overruling the acts of men, whether good or evil, to His own purposes?Yes, there shall be no concealment, no evasion. It was the money. You say you can not understand how I could have been somean, so bad. You can not. You do not know the need that urged me on, the devil of family pride that thrust me forward. See, I speak to you now as to a womanyou can not call yourself ignorant any longer. I will speakyes, as man to manthe truth and the whole truth. Esmeralda, we were nearly ruined; we stood on the brink of utter destruction; in a few months Belfayre would have been sold over our heads. There was only one person who could save it, only one way of saving it. It is a way that is common, all too common. Menwomenof the world think nothing of it; no one shrinks from it. I could save my people, the place, by marrying money, and

      Yes, and you, too, I hope, he said. See, here are half a dozen good men and true, to engage you for a partner.



      "Your modesty becomes you as the dew becomes a rose. I won't gainsay youonly be sure you will be missed if you don't go to the ball. And if you do gowell, it will be an opportunity of making nice friends. It will be your dbut in county society."She glided in and stood looking down at the flushed face and staring blue eyes.