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      Cairness stood up, ran his hands into his pockets, and going over to the window looked down at the geraniums as he had done once, long before.

      As I live and breathe! So youre two of the lads who were in the other crate. Wheres the thirdand was that Jeff with you? I thought it must be.186

      Ive got it! Dick passed forward his paper.


      Jeff decided that Dick had the right idea.


      That doesnt check up, he said. The confederateMimiknew the imitations! She wouldnt throw them at all. If she knew the real ones were hidden in that life belt shed have flung that. But we know that the imitations went overside and were in the gumas Sandy cleverly discovered. Sothat makes it all muddled up again!


      Guess Ill have to trace my gas line and ignition to see if a break made this trouble. Jeff began removing his leather coat. Say! By golly! Do you know where I think weve set down?


      Without further words or conscious movements from the silent pilot they managed to get him unhooked from his belt and parachute harness, to lower him, precariously limp, into the rubber boat, which Larry held onto as Jeff, half supporting his inert co-pilot, propelled it to their own craft."Now, Mr. Brewster," said Landor, going to the safe and resting his elbow upon it, and leaning forward in his earnestness, "I am going to tell you what you are to do. It would be better for the service and for all concerned if you do it quietly. I think you will agree with me, that any scandal is to be avoided. Come to the opening of the bids to-morrow, at noon, quite as though nothing of this disgraceful sort had happened. I will keep the keys until then. But by retreat to-morrow evening I want your resignation from the service in the hands of the adjutant. If it is not, I shall prefer charges against you the next morning. But I hardly think you will deem it advisable to stand a court-martial." He stopped and stood erect again.