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      "Can I help you, dear?" asked Mrs. Backfield as she passed her chair. But Naomi wanted to be alone.The old squabbles as to precedence immediately broke out between Gid and Harry, which Si impatiently ended by snatching Harry by the collar and yanking him behind Gid, with the wrathful Harry protesting that he intended carrying the matter up through the whole military hierarchy, even to the President of the United States, if necessary. He did not come into the army to be run over.

      Albin sighed. "Slavery," he said. "You think of slavery and it all rises up in front of youGreece, India, China, Rome, England, the United Statesall the past before the Confederation, all the different slaves." He grinned again. "You think it's terrible, don't you?"

      "No; that's mine. Let it alonegive it to me," yelled Gid, and in an instant the two were locked together in one of their usual fights.

      "Now, I mustn't take no more o' that," he said to himself. "That one drink was good and all right enough, because I really thought I was goin' to take a drink of water when I put the canteen to my lips. I could swear that to Maria on a stack o' Bibles high as her dear head. God bless her!"

      "Come back and set down, and finish your breakfast," shouted Si. "That ain't no rebels. That's only the usual family row over the breakfast table between the mules and the teamsters."

      "Home!" How many thousands of miles awayhow many years of time awayseemed to those flushed, overwrought boys, bivouacking on the deadstrewn battlefield, the pleasant cornfields, the blooming orchards, the drowsy hum of bees, the dear homes, sheltering fathers, mothers, and sisters; the plain white churches, with their faithful, grayhaired pastors, of the fertile plains of Indiana.


      "They say as how Realf's not done badly fur himself at Grandturzel," said old Vennal of Burntbarns; "forty acres they gave him, and all bush and timber rights."


      "Scarcely," answered Shorty. "Look over there."